How to Access your Storage Door with your Smart Phone

Bluetooth Storage Door Access

1. You should have the "Storage Smart Entry by Noke" App on your phone, it is different than the rental website.

2.You should have received a temporary 6 digit password.

3.Your cell phone number is your username.

4.Make sure the Bluetooth on your phone is turned on.

5.Make sure the door latch is moved to the left.

6.Next to the door push the round button in the center of the ring, it will turn red.

7.On your phone app press the icon with your unit # when it is highlighted.

8.You will hear the latch open, then lift the door.

9.If that doesn't work press the unit # icon again. Repeat if necessary.

10.If you need further help watch the YouTube video "Express Storage of Santa Fe Bluetooth Door Entry Instructions"  YOUTUBE VIDEO IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.

11. Last Resort call 770-456-6666 during regular business hours, closed Sunday.